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The origins of Citizen Watch Co. can be traced back to 1918.  Originally named Shokosha Watch Research Institute, the organization grew rapidly.  In almost 100 years, Citizen has risen and become one of the most popular watch brands in the world.  Known for their sleek designs, athlete ambassadors, and technological innovations, this Japanese brand offers some of the best watches in our budget.  Today, Citizen’s fantastic time pieces and marketing campaigns are strong contributors in keeping traditional wristwatches alive in this increasingly technology-driven world.

Known For:


The Eco-Drive technology is the crown jewel of modern Citizen Watch Co.  It has become a proprietary movement that defines the brand.  This iconic technology can be found in just about any style of watch.  Variations and alterations were made to this line, like the Eco-Drive Duo and Eco-Drive Thermo, however the culmination of the technology resulted in the today’s modern solar powered movement.

Eco-Drive movements use a solar panel, usually hidden under the dial, to collect charge and power a battery. As long as the dial gets light, artificial or natural, the Eco-Drive movement is good to go.  Eco-Drives are some of the watches that require the least amount of maintenance in the market.  It is not unheard of to find reports of one running perfectly for 15 years with no service or battery changes.

Within the Eco-Drive line, some models have excelled above the rest and become fan favorites.  Both the Nighthawk and Skyhawk have increased the popularity of flight watches around the world.  The AT0200-05E has served as a great introduction to chronographs for many collectors.  The Citizen Stiletto has earned the reputation of being the model for a classic dress watch.  The catalog of great Eco-Drives is too long to list.  However, the important thing to take away from this is there’s bound to be a specific Eco-Drive to fit any taste.



If there is a worthy foe to the Seiko SKX line of dive watches, it will be found in the Citizen Promaster series. Promaster dive watches come in a design that has become specific to Citizen.  Like the popular SKX dive watches, Citizen has created some fantastic watches, both aesthetically and in quality, and established a strong hold on the market.


The Citizen Chronomaster is evidence not all quartz watches are the same.  Rivaled only be the Grand Seiko 9F quartz movement, the Chronomaster is advertised as the most accurate wristwatch in the world, rated ±5 seconds per year.  If that isn’t an incredible feat, I don’t know what is.


Citizen watches have everything a collector can ask for: Varied designs, rich heritage, great value, revolutionary technology, solid build, and beautiful aesthetics.  The Eco-Drive offers revolutionary technology at a great price.  Nowhere else will you find a watch of this quality that requires less maintenance. Both a first time buyer and an experienced collector can have more than enough variety and great pieces in Citizen's catalog.



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