Hands On: Goodspeed Petrol 

In for review, we have one of the best bang-for-your-buck options we’ve ever covered. And that’s saying a lot, as we like to focus on high-value propositions. Today, we are taking a hands-on look at the Goodspeed Petrol, a watch that is just going live on Kickstarter.

At first glance, the Petrol oozes a vintage chronograph vibe. The color combination of this piece, along with the non-circular subdials, gives a Heuer-esque feel that screams “racing watch”.  This theme extends beyond the watchcase and onto the rally strap and leather pouch packaging.  The Petrol’s Speedmaster-esque tachymeter seals this motorsport theme quite nicely.  At first glance, it is clear the Petrol is going after the racing-style chronograph, and it does it well.


In depth: The Watch

Taking a closer look at the Petrol, the details really begin to shine.  The red accents, found on the 2 subdials and chronograph hand really pop over the black and white background.  The lumed hour indicators, while small, rise above the dial, giving depth to this design.  The minute hash marks line up with the tachymeter, which is something often missed by reputable brands and watches with a much higher price tag.  The chronograph pushers are small and discrete, playing nicely with the theme of the watch.  Finally, the Goodspeed branding is small and discrete, featuring a small “G” on the dial.  Aside from this, the date, the “Petrol” name, and “100m/330ft” (WR), no text is found on the dial, avoiding a blunder many veteran brands run into: Flooding the dial with text.  Having a single word on a watch dial is definitely a trend I can get behind.

The watch has a great feel on the wrist, creating a strong presence that isn’t lost with under jacket or sweater.  The white (lumed) hands offer a very legible design that can be seen in just about any kind of lighting, or lack thereof.   The mechaquartz movement offers a nice change up from your usual quartz chronographs and gets my watch-enthusiast approval.



·      The Petrol’s case is comprised of 316L polished steel, giving it a nice heft and feel.  

·      It is 42mm wide, following suite with the strong wrist presence, without alienating those of us with small wrists.

·      An AR coated domed sapphire crystal protrudes above the case, furthering the vintage watch aesthetic.

·      The crown is engraved with a Goodspeed “G”. This is a nice touch that watches in this price range almost always forget or avoid in attempt to keep costs low.

·      Water resistance of 100m is great for a chronograph without screw-down pushers.

·      The watch comes on an Italian leather rally strap.

·      The heartbeat inside this case is a Seiko VK64, a movement often used in watches 2-3 times the price the Petrol.

·      The caseback is engraved with the watch number (X of 1500) and other specification details.


·      The watch comes in a leather pouch suited to fit your sunglasses while the watch is on the wrist.

• The watch is available in 3 color variants.

·      This watch is available for $169.


The Good

·      The biggest selling point, I’d say, is the price. If this were sold at $299, I’d say it was a strong deal.  However, this one is being priced nearly at half of that, at $169.  That, to me, is a steal, considering brands are actively selling similar watches at $400-$500.

·      Domed, AR-Coated, sapphire crystal is a nice touch rarely seen in watches in this price range.

·      The packaging is within theme, appropriate, and useful. 

·      As mentioned, the minimal text is greatly appreciated, coming from someone tired of having multiple lines of text on a small dial.



Final Thoughts

GS 1.jpeg

Goodspeed has created a watch with a beautifully executed design, impressive finish, and managed to keep it at an impressively competitive price of $169.  Any racing, motorsport, or chronograph loving watch enthusiast should give this one a try. 

Goodspeed has launched the Kickstarter campaign.  They are well worth your time and money! Check them out here. You won’t be disappointed.