This week’s piece needs no introduction. The SKX013 is the smaller (sized) little brother of the iconic SKX007, often referred to as the best possible bang for your buck. I’ve owned the SKX007, the SKX009, the SKX011, SRP777, and the SRPC37. However, it’s the SKX013 that has survived my many collection purges and sits on my wrist as I type this.  There are more than enough reviews of the 007, but to my surprise, many don’t know this model even exists. Hopefully this will help take some of the enormous spotlight from 007 and share it with the 013.



007 vs 013

The two watches share many characteristics. They are both ISO certified (200meters), have killer lume, locate their crown at the 4 o’clock position (as many Seiko pieces do), share the 7s movement, have a day/date complication, and share almost identical dials (different proportions).  On a technical side, you are getting almost identical watches, which I would argue is a great thing.  The real differences are found in the measurements and detailed aesthetics.

The dimensions of the 013 are 38mm x 13mm, while the 007 is 42mm vs 13mm.  While the thickness is the same, the 013 does seem a little “chubbier” because of the reduced diameter.  The lug width of the 013 is 20mm vs the 007’s 22mm. Maybe it’s my smaller (sized) than usual watch collection (and strap collection), but I find 20mm straps much more versatile than 22mm. 

The minute and hour hands on the 013 are slightly different to the “sharper” 007 hands. However, the big difference between the two is the second hand: The 013 sports an “arrow” second hand versus the 007’s lollipop second hand. As for the proportions, the 013’s dial layout is a bit closer together. The day/date complication cuts a little into the rehaut, which to me, is a cool detail you really have to look for to see.

013 on a Belhamel Strap

013 on a Belhamel Strap


The price on these two pieces are slightly different, favoring the 007 with more affordable prices. I suspect this is simply because of the incredible demand of the 007. The 013 can be had anywhere from $225-$275, while the 007 anywhere from $200-$250.

As usual, here are the specifications of the 013, for those of you glancing over this review:

·       Case Diameter: 37mm

·       Lug Width: 20mm

·       Lug to Lug: 43mm

·       Thickness: 13mm

·       Movement: 7s26

·       Crystal: Seiko Hardlex

·       Lume: Indices, hour/minute hand



Why the 013?

I love the 007. It has a cult following for good reasons: It is an absolute tank, it’s affordable, and it looks great.  However as it often the case, my puny wrists couldn’t pull of the 42mm diameter comfortably.   I was able to find comfort in the 013 without compromising any of the fantastic features (including price) I loved about the 007.

To me, the 013 is everything a diver should be: tough, affordable, killer lume, and reliable. My desire for aggressive designs and innovative movements can be reserved for other watches. This is a no fuss tool watch that raises the bar for all other tool watches. Simply stated, I want my tool watches to be tool watches, and this is about as tool watch as can be.

Below is an unboxing video that shows what you get when you buy this piece, along with a lume demonstration and a side-by-side comparison to the Omega Seamaster 300m, a similar styled watch at a higher price range.