Hands on the Seiko SNZG07

With so many (great) Seiko watches to choose from, why did I decide to focus on the Seiko SNZG07?  I found this piece (and line of watches) is often overshadowed by the SNKxxx (SNK803) line, when recommendations are asked for the best affordable entry-level automatic.  While SNKs are fine watches, I have found their smaller size (37mm) often scare people off, especially when they’re accustom to the bigger sizes of fashion watches.

The SNZG07 is at a similar price point to the SNK, has a bigger size, and has better lume, in my opinion.  I hope by shining light on it, more people will find their way into the hobby.



The Watch:

  • Movement: Automatic 7S36

  • Lug Width: 22mm

  • Thickness: 12mm

  • Caseback: Exhibition

  • Lume: Hands and indices.

  • Water Resistance: 22mm

  • Strap: Canvas

  • Price: $100

This particular model features a cream/khaki dial. However, it is also available in black, blue, and green.


On the Wrist:

The dial layout is one traditional to military/field watches and one that offers high legibility.  Its 42mm size allows for a big dial, that improves the legibility.  While the watch wears a bit big, for my personal taste, I found its thinner case very comfortable and often made the watch feel smaller than it is.  The 22mm, though fitting with the dimensions of the piece, felt a bit big. I feel the watch would have benefited from 20mm lugs.




 I found the lume to be a highlight of this piece. Most Seiko (and any brand) watches I’ve handled in this price range have rather poor lume.  I found this piece to not only have the proprietary fantastic Seiko lume, but also bigger painted indices than its smaller SNK brothers.




If the smaller case size of the SNK lines scares you, the SNZG line is for you. It stands toe to toe as one of the best bang for your buck and the perfect starter watch to anyone looking to dive into the hobby. 

Below is an unboxing video that shows what you get when you buy this piece, along with a lume demonstration and a side-by-side comparison to the Hamilton Khaki King, a similar styled watch at three or four times the price.